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Defying conformity with exclusive artworks

The Way_1The Falling Man

In this project, Andy takes us on a journey through some of the most iconic cities in the world where he captures the beauty and uniqueness of urban walls and streets. 


Time & Colour

Sheep_1Planet of the sheep

This thought-provoking concept breaks the mold by capturing street photographs that challenge traditional perspectives, portraying individuals as sheep in a compelling and unconventional way.



Through careful observation and artistic vision, the artist breathes new life into ordinary objects encountered in his day-to-day experiences, crafting them into extraordinary and unique characters.



277Prototype #277

CHF 300

276Prototype #276

CHF 300

274Prototype #274

CHF 300

273Prototype #273

CHF 300

272Prototype #272

CHF 300

271Prototype #271

CHF 300

270Prototype #270

CHF 300

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