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Andy Hood is what happens when you look up

In contemporary society, most individuals live in a self-absorbed state with their mobile devices.
But what hidden treasures does the world withhold if you just raise your head?


Somebody, This is the way and Planet of sheep:
Andy Hood's projects combine provocation, critical sense and aestheticism.
What does the world convey to you?

The Way_1

This is the way

Andy Hood takes us on a mesmerizing journey through some of the world's most iconic cities, including Paris, London, and Milan, capturing the essence and allure of their urban walls and streets. What sets this project apart is Andy's unique ability to infuse these scenes with humor and eccentricity, breathing life into the ordinary. By ingeniously incorporating characters and symbols from street signs, he offers us a refreshing lens through which to view our everyday world.

Every photograph in this collection is a testament to Andy Hood's artistic vision and meticulous attention to detail. Carefully selecting the perfect location, lighting, and characters, he composes each shot to create playful and visually striking compositions. From the vibrant colors of Paris to the raw textures of London, "This Is My Way" is a celebration of urban landscapes and the captivating characters that inhabit them.

Lost in angerLost in anger
The title of this painting I dont knowThe title of this painting I don't know
Whispers of the Blockchain_01Whispers of the Blockchain
Poverty is a State of Mind_1Poverty is a State of Mind
Embracing uniqueness_1Embracing uniqueness
The mommy industry_1The mommy industry
You Can Save Only One_1You Can Save Only One
Giving is Living_1Giving is Living
Life Choices_01Life Choices
Push the Button_01Push the Button
Always on top_01Always on top
Rich peoples society_01Rich peoples society
Deep Water_01Deep Water-1


Planet of the sheep

Through a unique collection of street photographs, this inspiring project challenges conventional perspectives by portraying individuals as sheep. It is a strong signal that the celebration of different behaviors, styles and ideals is diminishing as we unwittingly become victims of habits dictated by others.

The project aims to raise awareness of the need to reclaim individuality and celebrate diversity in an increasingly homogeneous world. The combination of sheep-like figures against familiar urban backgrounds creates a striking visual contrast, emphasizing the loss of uniqueness and the triumph of homogeneity. "Planet of Sheep" challenges viewers to reflect on their own lives, encouraging them to break free from societal expectations and embrace their own unique identity. It is a wake-up call to recognize and appreciate the richness that comes from accepting different behaviors, styles and ideals.

La La LandLa La Land
La vie est belleLa vie est belle
The GreatestShowmanThe GreatestShowman


Somebody - Digital Recycle Lab

Andy Hood's "Somebody" is a visionary project stemming from the artist's keen eye for detail and passion for photography. By capturing objects encountered in daily life, he transforms them into captivating characters. The culmination is a collection of 279 figures yearning for an owner to bestow upon them an identity and a purpose. This project can be seen as a digital orphanage where potential new parents have the opportunity to select a character that resonates with them emotionally and bring them into their lives.

Andy Hood invites the viewer to engage with the creations and become part of their story, creating a sense of connection and belonging. Look at them, choose them instinctively, and make them part of your world!

254Prototype #254
190Prototype #190
230Prototype #230
235Prototype #235
233Prototype #233
160Prototype #160
226_2Prototype #226
262_2Prototype #262
18_2Prototype #18
49_2Prototype #49
100_2Prototype #100
137_2Prototype #137
201._2pngPrototype #201
246_2Prototype #246
277_2Prototype #277
274_2Prototype #274
273_2Prototype #273
272_2Prototype #272
271_2Prototype #271
270_2Prototype #270

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