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Beyond the screen

Andy Hood is the stage name of Christian Testoni, an artist based in Ticino who is dedicated to capturing the often overlooked details that can easily evade our attention in today's technology-centric world.


Creative mindset

The uniqueness of Andy Hood's projects lies in the artist's ability to capture the ordinary and transform it into something extraordinary, employing everyday objects in unexpected ways that intrigue and destabilize, challenging the logic of the viewer.

"I believe in lateral thinking; standardization bores me to no end", asserts Christian Testoni with determination. "Since I was a kid, I've loved sitting on a bench, watching people go by, and weaving stories around them. It was during a summer morning, while gazing at the sea, that I experienced true creative freedom. I spotted a child passing by and impulsively snapped a photo. Though I couldn't quite explain it at the time (but would later understand), I envisioned a sheep's head and playfully superimposed it onto the child."

Elevating technology

We are a fast-moving society, often consumed by the technology that surrounds us, becoming more of a victim than a user of our phones. The digital world offers incredible potential, yet we rarely harness it to its fullest extent. Instead, we find ourselves constantly scrolling through feeds, losing the ability to be bored or delve deeper into meaningful experiences.

Andy Hood aims to emphasize the active utilization of digital technology to create value, rather than being passive consumers of algorithms and content created by others.

Embracing uniqueness

Andy Hood's work explores the profound depths of human existence, breaking free from the constraints of conformity and embracing the innate diversity that sets humans apart. When we dare to embrace our individuality, we release our true potential by celebrating the richness that diversity brings.

In a world where we often conform to seek acceptance and are consumed by digital hyperconnectivity that disconnects us from reality, we risk losing sight of our own distinctiveness and the intricate details of the world around us. Andy Hood brings us back to the present, challenging conventional wisdom and established norms.

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